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Munin Streetwear Bomber Jacket

Munin Streetwear Bomber Jacket

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The Munin Bomber Jacket from Munin Streetwear brings Norse mythology to modern streetwear. Inspired by ravens and runes, this Bomber Jacket tells the story of Odin, king of the gods.

Crafted from heavyweight cotton, the Munin Bomber Jacket is built to last through any adventure. The deep hood provides warmth and protection from the elements. Drawing from Viking symbols of power, a valknut symbol is screened on the chest.

Subtle references to Norse lore are woven throughout the design. On the back, a pattern of raven feathers pays homage to Huginn and Muninn, the two ravens who served as Odin's spies. Runes representing wisdom, truth and insight line the cuffs and hem.

For those with a passion for Norse mythology and Viking history, the Munin Bomber Jacket delivers a fresh take on ancient Nordic symbols. Wear it while exploring misty forests said to be hunted by Odin himself. With its trippy graphics and eye-catching aesthetic, it's also perfect for adding mystique to any street style. Dress as if accompanied by the god of wisdom in this Bomber Jacket inspired by legends of Vikings, valkyries and the world of the gods.

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